The Seafarers Yacht Club, Inc. of Annapolis, Maryland, was organized in 1959 by a group of black men with a common interest in boating. They initially met in members' homes, and later in a rented one-room storefront in Annapolis; giving the building a nautical motif while continuing to look for other opportunities. Founding member of the Club, Ellsworth Randall, once said that "members cut down on beer and cigarettes and playing poker in order to buy their boats."

On behalf of the Seafarers Yacht Club (SYC) of Annapolis, Maryland, I thank you for your interest in our club and invite you to learn more about us and to explore the many opportunities we provide to educate, entertain and improve boating safety. Organized in 1959, this year marks SYC's 59th year in the yachting community.

As a long-time member and newly elected Commodore, I stand on the shoulders of great Commodores that have served before me. I have witnessed their hard-work, creativity and dedication to service. I will make every effort to build on what they started. I have already received the benefit of great support from the membership at large, and the board members in particular. I thank you for your support and look forward to your continued dedication during my term as Commodore to the ideals that make our club great.

I look forward to working closely with the board members and members of the various planning committees to make the future years as successful as the previous ones. From the Mardi Gras ball in March, to the fantastic summer cruises on the bay, to the Summer Youth program, to the Thanksgiving dinner for seniors in the fall, and various other activities during the year, our club continues to deliver year after year. We look forward to this year being just as successful.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the many events – and on the water!

Commodore Ade Adebisi

Captain Ade Adebisi, Commodore

Captain Benjamin McCottry, Vice Commodore

Captain Clinton Jennifer, Rear Commodore

Captain Derrick Cogburn, Treasurer

Captain Timothy Jones, Financial Secretary

Captain David Turner, Immediate Past Commodore

Captain Bill Woodward, Corresponding Secretary

Captain Dana Lee, Recording Secretary

In 1967, the members purchased an abandoned schoolhouse at Third Street and Chester Avenue that had been built as an elementary school for black children. This became the Club House that remains until today. In later years the building was thoroughly renovated with the addition of a swimming pool and a deck overlooking Back Creek. Today the Club is comprised of over 50 members and is well known for seamanship and community service.

In 1986, a 24-slip pier located in the same city block as the Club House was leased from the Thompson family. This served as the principal location of Seafarers' yachts until the spring of 2003, at which time dockage was relocated to Edgewater Boating Center on the South River. Dockage is now principally located at marinas along Back Creek and private docks owned by members. Club members' yachts now number around 30, ranging from 26 to 55 ft. in length. Members cruise the entire east coast from Maine to Florida. Several have sailed to the Great Lakes and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and others have participated in local and more distant sailboat races.

In 1970, members formed the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 75 at the Seafarers Yacht Clubhouse. Today, many Seafarers are members of the current U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 24-09. The activities of the Flotilla include education, safety inspections, and search and rescue.

Throughout its history, the Seafarers' activities have not been limited to fun in the sun. Always aware of community, the Seafarers have provided swimming lessons for neighborhood children and exposed children of Annapolis and neighboring communities to classes in boating safety along with practical experience on the water.